Retreat of Master Xu Mingtang in Odessa, Ukraine. May 12-17, 2018 Открытое занятие по Чжун Юань Цигун 18.09.21!

Retreat of Master Xu Mingtang in Odessa, Ukraine. May 12-17, 2018

Retreat of Master Xu Mingtang in Odessa, Ukraine. May 12-17, 2018.

On 12-17 May, 2018, Odessa welcomes Master Xu Mingtang for the Retreat!

We invite all Zhong Yuan Qigong practitioners and image-therapists to take part in the Retreat with Master Xu Mingtang. To join the Retreat, you have to complete the seminar on Stage I and be ready for 8-hour daily training.

Venue: 1 Shevchenko avn. (Polytechnic University), Odessa, Ukraine.

Agenda, may 12-17, 2018:

10:00 – 13:30 Retreat;
13:30 – 15:30 Lunch;
15:30 – 20:30 Retreat.

On Day 1 of the Retreat, the registration of the participants lasts from 08:00 to 9:30. Before the training begins, we kindly recommend you to make preliminary exercises and “the Big Tree” in any location you deem comfortable.

The Registration Fee for the retreat participation is EURO 200.

All funds, raised from the Retreat, will be contributed to the construction of the Biguan Cultural Center. The registration fee will be contributed as a charitable donation to the accounts of MINGTANG Fund, the details of which will be further specified. The donations are accepted from April, 5 to May, 5, 2018. After being paid, a charitable donation is not refundable.

Admission to Personal Students:

During the first days of the Retreat, you will have an opportunity to submit your application.


1. Fill in the Registration Form;
2. From April, 5 to May, 5, 2018, make a charitable donation. For detailed information, please, see  Charitable donations of 2018 Retreat participants;
3. Add the information about your charitable donation transfer to the Registration Form (after the registration, the Registration form remains accessible for contributing new information);
4. The Retreat participants receive the confirmation and registration number to their personal e-mails. This number should be produced to the organizers at the Retreat.


The Retreat participants are responsible for booking and assigning at the place where they would like to stay. In early May, Odessa offers a wide variety of places to enjoy your stay.
We are happy to provide the Retreat participants with our suggestions on cost-efficient and preferential terms of hotel booking and assignment.


Within a radius of 30 meters around the Retreat venue, there are more than 10 cafes and restaurants. On weekdays, they serve business lunches that will meet any tastes and budget.
The very best wishes from the International Charitable Fund “MINGTANG” and Wellness Center “Kundawell-Odessa”!

Tel: +380675253036.